How To Manage Technology Projects

As your business grows, you will likely find more ways to use technology to increase production (and hopefully, profits). Making the decision to enhance your technology environment in order to achieve your business objectives is a necessary milestone, but it is equally important to identify the scope and budget of your project before jumping into implementation.

This article explains a phased approach that will help you maximize your budget and provide the greatest results when considering a technology enhancement.

Phase I – Business Need

This initial phase is designed to help you determine if you have answered the “why” questions as it relates to your objectives. You should be able to clearly identify the business benefit (return on investment) for your potential project after completing this phase. Here are the steps that will guide you through this phase:

1. What is the problem/deficiency that needs your investment in time and money to be solved?

2. Does your business challenge absolutely require new or enhanced technology?

a.Do your employees require additional training with existing systems?
b.Can the challenge be solved by changing the workflow or business practices?

3. Once the problem is clearly defined and the solution points to technology improvements, a preliminary budget can be established.

Phase II – Budget & Scope

In Phase I we qualified our potential solution within the realm of technology and now we need to define the scope of the solution. Without defining scope, you will run the risk of your project growing out of control in both time and money. This is the phase where you should spend the time to clearly document the business requirements or “what” will be implemented.

1. Bring all the necessary players together to discuss the objectives of the project.

2. Determine how the problem that was identified in Phase I affects all key players.

3. Discuss how the problem can be solved with technology and be specific as it relates to your current business practices and workflows.

4. Document your findings and discussions.

5. Once the solution has been identified, you can present your documents to your preferred vendor(s) and obtain proposals or quotes.

Phase III – Pilot

Implementing any technology project can be challenging in that technology itself changes so quickly and your employees may have different expectations with the solution. A pilot phase is very effective to “test” the solution and confirm all expectations are met.

1. Once your vendor has been identified, you can request a pilot or trial solution be put into place for limited use to test results.

2. After the pilot solution is implemented, be sure to measure the effectiveness and verify that the problems in phase I are being solved.

Phase IV – Implementation

So now you have confirmed that the pilot is solving some or all the problems identified in phase I, now you are ready to rollout the full solution. It is very important to closely manage your vendor and be sure they are delivering what they promised within their proposal.

1. Create a project plan that consists of key milestones for the implementation of your solution.

A sample plan is shown below:

* Project Kick-off
* Budget review
* Set timelines for remainder of project
* Determine training requirements
* Technology install/enhancement
* Document the changes in your existing workflow
* Create a forum for employees to provide feedback during this process
* Develop a suite of tests that verifies the newly installed technology does not break any existing processes.
* Develop a suite of tests that verifies the newly installed technology meet the expectation of the proposed solution.
* Insure your timelines are being met and budget is not growing.
* Implementation complete
* Begin training

2. After the solution has been installed, consolidate all the documents and training materials in one repository for quick reference.

Phase V – Project Review & Closure

Now that the technology solution has been successfully implemented and everyone has been trained, you will need to setup measures to ensure that the solution is effective.

1. Create an anonymous survey for employees to provide feedback.
a. Survey questions should include: overall project success, training materials and responsibility impact.

2. Develop metrics that can measure the profit and/or efficiency that was achieved as a result of this project. This will help you identify the true return on investment.

3. Continue to refine training.

This phased approach for managing a technology project is meant to be a guide. There are many details within each phase that would be too lengthy to describe here. There are also many books that can assist with successfully managing any type of project, not only technology.

A Technology Degree Will Secure A Great Career

Now more than ever, information technology is booming. The advancements in the past few years have surpassed anything else in the industry. And this trend is almost guaranteed to continue to rise over the years.

There are many exciting career opportunities that you can get with a technology degree such as network engineering, database management or even becoming a computer technician. Therefore, choosing the technology degree that is best for you is crucial to your future success. There are a lot of qualified colleges and learning facilities that will give you the tools you need.

There is great interest in these types of jobs, so it is important to get the best training. Most institutions that offer a technology degree program will have the necessary hands on training that you need to succeed. They will also be able to work with you to make sure you find the career that is best for you.

If you have a love for computers and technology, then you have a great starting point. The next step is acquiring the skills and tools that are necessary for you to be able to turn that love into a lucrative career. Upon receiving your technology degree, you will be qualified to work in a wide variety of information technology fields.

With the amount of Internet based crimes on the rise, a career working in network security can be a great plan. Hackers are always finding new tricks to get access to secure information. If you worked in network security, you would always have to stay one step ahead of the hackers. This can be a fun and challenging position.

Depending on what course you take, you will be able to obtain recognized certifications such as Microsoft’s MCSE, MCSA, or MCAD. These types of certifications make it much easier to secure that dream job. With a technology degree, you will be trained to earn all kinds of recognized certifications.

If you lean more toward being an entrepreneur, you will learn ways you can start your own technology related business. With a technology degree, you will be able to figure out exactly what business idea is best for you.

This can be anything from making websites for companies, fixing computers or any other kind of independent contracting. The sky will be the limit because you will have such a wide variety of career options to choose from. And since you will have the training and skills that are necessary, you will be able to choose which area of information technology to work in.

It is important to have an understanding of what you are looking for in your career. This way, you will be able to gear your studies in the direction of what career path you want to take. Since there is such flexibility in this industry, it is important to set specific goals. Your instructors will be able to help you make these decisions.

By looking at your skills and strengths, they will be able to send you in the right direction. They will also be able to tell you what types of careers you should avoid. These instructors are always of very high quality who know all there is to know about the ever-changing technology sector.

No matter what type of career you are looking for, a degree will pave the way for your success. Pursuing one of the many technology degree programs now offered is a great investment in your future.

Latest Technology News

In recent times, technology has emerged as the driving force behind the entire economy. The processes of doing business have all been simplified by the use of technology. Judging by the sheer importance of communication in any business setting, it is very important for any current business man or a potential business man to be well versed with the latest technology news.

Talking of technology news, we have to narrow down our target to the latest technology news and particularly the latest information and communication gadgets in the market. It would be impossible to talk technology without the mention of great communication gadgets such as iphones and ipads. These gadgets have brought an unmatched revolution in the communication and the entire business sector. It is therefore no wonder that the media is overflowing with iphone news amidst other similar gadgets.

Having carefully evaluated the trends in the business world very accurately, manufacturers of technology equipment have carefully designed the iphone with an aim of trying to capture the demands of the market in terms of communication and entertainment services conveniently combined. it is for this reason that the iphone news seams to be rocking both the communication as well as entertainment industries.

Getting the right information and at the right time is always a vital part of success in any business that you take part in. with this reality in mind, it is important for all players in the industry to try and keep their eyes and ears always open for the latest technology news. In this respect however, we must acknowledge the difficulty of gathering all he important and latest technology news since you cannot be every where as things happen. This is not to say that you should give up. Instead all you need to do is identify a few reputable sources of technology news from where you can always log in and get all the iphone news and any other breaking technology news within the shortest time possible.

There are lots of such sites on the web where you can always get the latest technology news at the click of your mouse. One such site is which takes pride in having some of the latest iphone news and a list of information researchers who work round the clock to bring you all the latest technology news in one single package at your convenience.

For people who are in the business of selling or maintenance of technology related stuff, it is vital to keep abreast with the latest trends as well as being able to foresee the coming trends so that you do not get caught unawares when the market changes towards a particular item. By checking for constant updates on the technology news websites, you can go along way in judging the market’s reaction to certain products and with the information, you can adjust your business plans.

Iphone news is released almost every other day as the iphone manufacturers strive to outdo each other in the market. With the major players in the communication industry introducing new brands of equipment on a daily basis, it is important to always catch up with the latest iphone news if you expect to stay ahead of your competition. It is nonetheless worth noting that the latest technology news is not only vital for players in the sale of iphone and other technology gadgets but to the consumers as well.

Advantages Of Latest Technology News

The world has rapidly developed into a small village thanks to the latest technology which has made communication as easy and convenient as the touch of a button. With latest technological innovations such as iphones and ipads, it has become possible to communicate with people in as far off places as you could never have imagined in old times.

It is quite an obvious fact that communication equipment plays a major role in the enhancement of business in the current world. For a very long time, business could only be done between people who knew each other well and at some point or the other, it would be very necessary to hold meetings to forge a way forward on the running of the business. In many such cases, decision making was quite difficult since it would involve the traveling of partners to one place and holding of meetings in order to reach some consensus. This has changed greatly with the latest communication equipment such as iphones and ipads which make it possible to hold virtual meetings with persons miles away.

The gains of knowledge cannot be evaluated in any way since they are practically endless. Being equipped with the latest technology news is a very important step towards making an informed decision when it comes to matters technology. Having acknowledged the fact that technology is the driving force behind the economy, it is very important for any modern business person to understand the latest technology news so that they can always be in a position to make the right decisions when called upon to do so.

In order to help the public in getting the relevant information, some concerned players in the communication sector such as have thought it wise to establish a platform on which the upload all the latest technology news on communication equipment. However insignificant a number of people may think of the technology news, the truth is that the technology news plays a major role in shaping the world and people’s private as well as business lives.

In order to make the right choices and to be able to exploit all the available opportunities, it is an indisputable fact that the communication equipments that come to the market have made not only the process of doing business simplified but also ensured hat the costs of doing the business have been drastically reduced. For any technology news enthusiasts interested in constantly following upon the latest information concerning communication equipments and the latest technology news, taking a few minutes of the day on a regular basis to update yourself with the latest technology news at should not only provide pleasure but an endless source of relevant and important information.

The good thing about getting the latest technology news from such online sites is that you do not have to pay for the information. It is also highly convenient since you will have the privilege of getting regular updates on all the latest communication equipment and any relevant technology news concerning the same.



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